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Maximum Security Video Monitoring

Our vigilant operators are here to serve as your trusted guardians, ensuring that your subscribers are always well-informed. In the realm of cutting-edge commercial security technology, we harness the power of AI-driven video alerts while maintaining seamless communication channels. This allows us to promptly notify subscribers of any significant scene changes or potential obstructions within our field of view. Curious to learn more?


Monitoring Professionals

Our dedicated team of operators comprises licensed security professionals, equipped with the extensive experience and rigorous training necessary to treat your subscribers' security as if it were their own. Upholding ULC compliance standards and benefiting from continuous TMA operator training under round-the-clock supervision are just a few of the measures we employ to guarantee the utmost care and precision in handling your customers' incoming alarms. With unwavering commitment, our operators proactively reach out on your behalf, ensuring that the vital systems we all depend on remain in optimal working condition, leaving nothing overlooked or amiss.

manitou cloud

We're all about redundancy.

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At Maximum Security Video Monitoring, we've spared no effort in creating a robust infrastructure, featuring dual redundant data centers with seamless cloud access, a dedicated power generator backed by two fuel sources, an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to eliminate downtime, dual ISP connections from opposite sides of the building, and redundant hot-standby modems, switches, and lighting systems. This meticulous design reflects our dedication to safeguarding the reception of all relevant signals. Countless hours of meticulous planning and energy have been invested in achieving these equivalencies, and our infrastructure stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. (See below for details.)

maximum security video monitoring
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