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Welcome to Maximum Security Video Monitoring, a proudly Canadian company headquartered in the heart of Moncton, New Brunswick. Our expertise lies in the specialized fields of video monitoring, burglary alarm monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, and medical alarm monitoring.

Our goal and mission

At Maximum, we hold an unwavering belief in the essence of quality service. To us, this means prioritizing our customers above all else. When an alarm call is made to our monitoring station, we understand that subscribers seek swift assistance, not impersonal call directories and extended hold times. At Maximum, you'll always speak with a live, caring professional who is ready to provide the assistance you require. We're here to ensure your peace of mind is just a call away

Our Services

  • Burglary & Fire Alarm Monitoring:                        Our vigilant team ensures round-the-clock monitoring for rapid response in the event of security breaches or fire emergencies.

  • mPERS Medical Monitoring: We offer specialized monitoring services for personal emergency response systems, ensuring prompt assistance during medical crises.

  • Video Verification & AI Video Monitoring:    Leverage the power of video verification and AI-driven video monitoring to enhance security and receive real-time alerts.

  • Compatible with Leading Receivers:                         We support a wide range of receiver systems, including DSC, Honeywell, Alarm.Com, AlarmNET360, and more.

  • Comprehensive Billing Services:                             We handle billing services on behalf of dealers, streamlining financial processes for a hassle-free experience.

  • Full Reporting:          Dealers can access comprehensive reporting through our user-friendly login portal, providing valuable insights into alarm data.

  • Efficient Data Management: We take care of data entry for all account details and requested changes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in record-keeping.


Let’s Work Together

For inquiries related to business partnerships, collaborations, or vendor opportunities, please contact our business development team at +1 888-383-3260 or email us at

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