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Video Monitoring
A Proof of Concept

Thermal Imaging

Even the most advanced IP cameras, boasting cutting-edge analytics, can encounter a significant limitation: visibility. However, with our thermal AI video monitoring, intrusions can trigger alerts for our operators from considerable distances. We take immense pride in the numerous successful collaborations we've had with law enforcement across Atlantic Canada. Take a moment to watch this comparison video captured from two distinct IP camera lenses. Notice how the conventional optical lens struggles to recognize an intruder even from a mere 30 feet away, whereas the thermal image lens significantly enhances an operator's ability to swiftly dispatch assistance and deter potential threats.

Advanced Reporting

Proof of concept daily report

Why wait for a customer to report a break-in after it has already happened? With our cutting-edge video monitoring and advanced reporting systems, we proactively send detailed analyses including: 

  • The operator who managed the situation.

  • Comprehensive notations about what was observed

  •  Who was contacted

  •  The exact location of the intrusion

  •  The timeline of when authorities arrived.


This proactive approach ensures swift and informed responses to security incidents, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind for our clients.

Design Services

At Maximum, we provide our dealers with exclusive design assistance to empower their success. Elevate your security offerings with next-level perimeter protection, backed by support from multiple leading manufacturers. Reach out to us today for more details and let us assist you in refining your security design.

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