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Retail Security Solutions
Providing Everything You Need

Small Retail Stores (Mom-and-Pop Shops)

  • Basic surveillance cameras:  Monitor customer and employee activity.

  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags: Attach EAS tags to high-value items to deter theft and trigger alarms at exit points.

  • Point-of-sale (POS) security: Implement secure POS systems with unique user logins to prevent employee theft.

Repair car garages

  • Place CCTV cameras strategically throughout the garage, including entrances, service bays, and parking areas.

  • Opt for cameras with high-resolution capabilities and night vision to capture clear footage in various lighting conditions.

  • Monitor camera feeds in real-time and store recordings for future reference in case of incidents or disputes.

Coworking space 

  • Anti-theft devices: Secure expensive electronics with locking displays, cables, or cases to prevent easy grab-and-go theft.

  • Demo units with security measures: Display functional demo units that are tethered to tables or alarmed to discourage theft.

  • Cybersecurity measures: Protect customer data and prevent cyberattacks by implementing robust cybersecurity protocols for online transactions and store networks.



  •  Video surveillance not only deters theft and vandalism but also helps in monitoring employee behavior and ensuring food safety compliance.

  • Develop and regularly review emergency response plans for various scenarios, including robbery, fire, medical emergencies, or natural disasters.

  • Install panic buttons or alarms in discrete locations to alert authorities in case of an emergency.

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