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  Parking Lot Management
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Parking lot management systems offer various monitoring features to efficiently manage parking spaces and ensure smooth operations.

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Occupancy Monitoring

Sensors or cameras monitor parking spaces to detect occupancy in real-time. This helps in keeping track of available parking spaces and prevents overcrowding.


License Plate Recognition (LPR):

LPR technology captures and reads license plate numbers of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. It enables automated access control, payment processing, and enforcement of parking regulations.


Data Analytics and Reporting

Parking lot management systems collect data on parking occupancy, revenue, traffic patterns, and user behavior. Analyzing this data provides valuable insights for optimizing parking operations, improving efficiency, and planning future developments.


Vehicle Counting

Utilizing sensors or cameras, the system counts the number of vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. This data is useful for analyzing traffic flow and optimizing parking space allocation.


Video Surveillance

CCTV cameras provide real-time video monitoring of the parking lot, enhancing security and safety. It helps in deterring theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities.


Alerts and Notifications

The system can generate alerts and notifications for various events such as parking violations, reserved parking spaces, or maintenance requirements. This helps in timely intervention and management of parking-related issues.

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